Your Chronic Pain Release Connection

A Great Gift Idea,

When You Care Enough to

Want to Relieve Their Pain!

Discounted Affordable Pricing    ***    Perfect For Stocking Stuffers
1 – One-Hour Massage – $65
(a $20 Discount)
2 – One-Hour Sessions Series – $120

3 – One-Hour Sessions Series – $150
(a Savings of Over $100)

Therapeutic Massages can be Myofascial Release, Swedish, or CranioSacral.
Whichever your loved one desires.  Must be scheduled before April.
(This offer is intended to be a gift for potential new clients only.)
Call Now to Purchase Your Perfect Gift Before They Are All Gone
(Limited to 35 Certificates Only)

Curt Redd, LMT, MFR

Curt Redd

About Curt Redd

Expert Level MFR Therapist: Myofascial Release (MFR), as taught by John F. Barnes, is a highly effective, full body, hands-on approach. It involves stretches and compressions, applied with gentle pressure, that are held until the restriction releases. The pressure used during treatment is gentle, and never done beyond a client’s tolerance. This manual therapy can provide amazing results for decreasing pain and increasing range of motion.
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