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Myofascial Release in Utah County:

Curt is working in the Provo/Orem area Monday through Saturday at:
Holland Square
210 West 520 North, Ste. 210
Orem, UT  84097

 One block north of Hale Center Theatre on Orem Blvd.

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A Huge Incentive  To Get Healthier

My specialty is relieving the pain that no one else has been able to.
My clients are people who want to no longer be in constant pain,
who have tried every other treatment and have not been able to find relief.

We want to make it easier for our clients to get the full benefits of Myofascial Release.
The real value is in the long term where subtle aches and pains are relieved, and you
begin to get healthier, more flexible and able to enjoy life more and more.

 Here’s the deal:

By looking at the whole body to determine the root cause of the problem,
and then applying the advanced skill and understanding of 16 years of experience
to release the restrictions in the connective tissue, (the fascia), the body is freed
to be able to heal itself. The result is lasting pain relief, increase mobility,
and a healthier outlook on life.

My regular rate is $85 for a full one hour session.

Come in once every month,  get a $10 discount. 

At least once every two weeks,  get $15 off per visit.

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Phone:  480-540-2835 (cell)
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